Enlarge the site of your tent, and let your tent curtains be stretched out; do not hold back; lengthen your ropes, and drive your pegs deep. For you will spread out to the right and to the left, and your descendants will dispossess nations and inhabit the desolate cities. (Isaiah 54:2-3) 

Isaiah 54:2-3 is a timely word that God is orchestrating within our midst at Coreluv International and we embrace it with willing hearts as we continue to offer up to Him our forever “YES!” 

The Kingdom of God embodies seasons of growth and expansion. This saying is true : 

“Healthy things GROW and growing things CHANGE!” 

Over eight years ago when Coreluv was but a dream, God showed Mandy and me that one-day Coreluv would defend the orphan in multiple countries and that we would also begin regional Coreluv chapters in various cities across America. As the years have passed and the Kingdom work of defending the orphan has been steadily cultivated in Haiti, God has allowed us to lengthen our reach into the beautiful country of India as well. Because God is a defender of orphans, His love, and resources for them are unlimited! He truly is MORE than enough and He has come through for our children time after time after time. It’s been a beautiful encounter to witness! 

Fast forward eight years later and having built two multi-faceted children’s villages in Haiti from the ground up, a school that educates over 300 children, a medical clinic serving thousands of people, and our most recent footprint of defending the orphan in India, we feel strongly that NOW is the time to broaden our sphere of influence and productivity by forming a brand new Coreluv regional chapter here in America. 

This decision came with much prayer and with much fasting and the opportunities that will follow this decision have been on our radar for a good season now. With that said, and with the blessing of our Coreluv board and staff, this November, my family and I will be relocating to the great state of Louisiana coming up under the umbrella of Our Savior’s Church for the purpose of expanding Coreluv International’s network. We firmly believe the Kingdom of God is built upon relationships and by walking through this new door we will add an influx of new relationships that will be key in flourishing the work God has already established and giving birth to the next things He’s desiring to do through Coreluv! 

Our Savior’s Church is ONE church meeting in SIX different locations around the greater Louisiana area and Mandy and I will specifically be joining the staff of Our Savior’s Church in Opelousas, Louisiana which is pastored by my older brother and sister in law, Eugene and Heidi Reiszner. Eugene and Heidi have been spiritual mentors to Mandy and me since we got married in 1994. To walk alongside them once again is not only a dream for us but will also be an added strength to help us steward the vision God has given us. 

We are confident that this is the leading of God for us and we are thrilled about the new season of expansion this will allow for Coreluv. Though change for the purpose of growth isn’t always easy (moving away from the ones you love dearly), it’s a necessary component to the larger vision the Lord gave us eight years ago when Coreluv first began! 

The wonderful news is that our Coreluv office and stateside headquarters in Willis, Texas will continue to remain and to operate as it always has. God has blessed us tremendously with an amazing team who have a passion to defend the orphan with us and who have the capacity to accomplish this vision with faithfulness and with excellence! We would never be able to expand our reach without them and without our faithful partners and churches in the Houston area who so graciously defend the orphan with us on a daily basis! We are so very grateful for YOU!!! 

Our Directors, John and Tracy Rizzo, have been running our day to day operations in Willis, Texas for the greater portion of 2019. They do so with excellence, integrity, and a God-given humility. They understand the need for growth and are expectant about the opportunity of Coreluv multiplying by us taking this next step of faith! We have no doubt that our Coreluv office in Willis, Texas under their leadership, will not skip a beat!! 

We look forward to multiple trips back to Willis where we will be able to pour into our team a wealth of wisdom and resources we’ve discovered ourselves by being connected to the Our Savior’s Church network in Louisiana! 

Our Savior’s Church has been heavily involved in our endeavors in Haiti over the past eight years. They’ve sent countless people to Haiti, sown medical teams into Coreluv who have helped hundreds of Haitians and have believed and gotten behind our vision of defending the orphan from the beginning both spiritually and financially. For that, we are eternally thankful! 

Healthy things grow and growing things change! it is most definitely true! But here are a few concrete things that will not change for us: 

We will continue to be in and out of the countries where we serve as we’ve been from the beginning. 

We will continue to be the primary vision casters over our Coreluv headquarters in Willis, Texas and will remain involved in the lives of the people on staff there both directly and indirectly. 

We will be present at major events Coreluv hosts in Houston each year including our Coreluv Run, our Coreluv Gala, and we can’t forget our Coreluv Christmas Party! 

We rejoice in this new season and we can not wait to see all that God has in store for Coreluv and our children by saying YES to this step of faith! 


Mike and Mandy Reiszner 

Source: Coreluv Blog