In 2015, a little girl named Geurtiana was welcomed into the Myan Children’s Village. 

Several years ago, one of the local Haitian pastors with whom we have a relationship was asked to perform a funeral for a woman who had died during childbirth.  He agreed to do so.  We learned that the woman had three other children who were left with nothing.  At that time, the girls were sent to live with a relative who could not take care of even their most basic needs. It was clear that Guertiana and her sisters needed a loving home. This local pastor connected these precious girls to our Coreluv staff who brought them to the Coreluv Children’s Village. Now, they have a loving home, and their needs are being met! 

Geurtiana is all smiles and giggles! She is the youngest of the three siblings. Her birthday is January 1, 2009. She has the happiest countenance that seems to be contagious to all the other children and staff members in the orphanage. We trust and believe that God has great plans for Guertiana and that she will share the joy and love of Christ with everyone she encounters throughout her life. 

If you would like to help Geurtiana, her siblings and others just like her, you can! Every donation made now through the end of the year are doubled, going further to help us to continue to bring the love of Jesus by providing the six basic needs of clean water, proper food, healthcare, education, job skills, and loving home. As a thank you for any donation, we will send you our new 2018 Coreluv Calendar.  If you would like to make a donation towards our End of Year Match and continue to help children like Guertiana, please visit our End of Year Match page. Thank you!

Source: Coreluv Blog