Does Jesus still stir individuals to action? Does He still call people to risk their security, to cast away their comfort, and to live a radical life? Has our God slipped away to a passive observer who allows Christians to live as they please with no purpose, or have we pushed aside God for a life that we choose?

These are questions I ask because when I read the Bible, God routinely called people to risk everything in order to be used as agents of change. Sometimes they were faint whispers while other times they were loud calls to action. Abraham, Samuel, Isaiah, and others all heard from God and gave a simple response, “Hineni.” The short Hebrew word translates to “here I am.” Isaiah heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then Isaiah said, “Here I am! Send me.” And the Lord said, “Go” . . . There was no need to take weeks to contemplate the response, but instead Isaiah gave an immediate exclamation, “Here I am! Send me.” I can only wonder what it would be like if the entire Christian population stood up in unison to declare, “Here I am, send me!” With over two billion Christians we would immediately eradicate poverty, the orphan crisis, and other injustices. Yet, many of us, myself included, have missed God numerous times. Maybe it is due to distractions, misplaced faith, fear, sin, or something else. We have become numb to the voice of God, a voice that wants us to hear because when we listen and respond appropriately, lives are saved. He will provide the miracles but we must answer, “Here I am” and step out in faith.

Have you heard His whisper, but ignored it because life, selfish desires, or social media distracts you? Does He need to send you a friend request before you will respond? Here is your chance to answer His call with one word, “Hineni!” Do not respond lightly as you may be called to a foreign nation or the inner city, to give up your job, to remove sin from your life, or to be uncomfortable. But keep in mind all that you give up will be replaced by the wonders of God – seeing orphans smile, lives rescued, families restored, miracles, and more! Will you say, “Here I am” to the call? Will you defend the orphan?

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Source: Coreluv Blog