Luv changes lives! 

Each one of our children has a name, and their own special story!

In October of 2015, a little girl was found by police abandoned and wandering the streets of St. Marc, searching for food. The police brought her to social services, who then brought her to Coreluv International to provide a loving home for her at the Coreluv Children’s Village in Myan, Haiti. 

When Jakinda first joined our Coreluv family, she was fearful of our staff and children. Getting her to respond was very difficult, but our staff consistently worked to build a relationship with her. Though she did not want anyone near her, our mommas were determined that love would eventually cause Jakinda to smile. 

That WAS Jakinda’s sad reality. But God saw Jakinda and rescued her from a hopeless situation! He entrusted her to Coreluv so that she would encounter the Father’s love, be raised in the way of the Lord, and receive a future bright with promise! 

Today, her reality is full of hope! Jakinda can be found running and laughing with her sisters, learning to speak, and dancing with her mommas.  It is a blessing to see her receiving a childhood that had been lost on the streets of St. Marc. With every smile she shares, it is an expression and reminder of the power of God’s love! God sets the lonely in families and we are so glad God placed Jakinda in the Coreluv family!!

Jakinda’s story reveals the unfortunate reality of the orphan crisis. However, Coreluv said “YES” and was able to give her a new reality. Thank you for saying yes and defending the orphan with us! Over the past 8 years, God has moved mightily through Coreluv because of your YES. We have been able to rescue and feed hundreds of orphaned children because of LUV. 

We desire to see more lives changed in 2020. Would you commit to giving an End of Year donation so we can care and provide the six basic needs to more children in 2020? 

Donate now on our End of Year page here and together we can continue to change lives around the world.

Defending the Orphan, 

Mike and Mandy Reiszner

Source: Coreluv Blog