Before I take anyone to Haiti, I give them this warning: Your life will be wrecked. Someone inevitably asks me what that means. I tell them something happens to you when you physically become the hands and feet of Jesus to the least of these. Your life, your mission, your thought process all change when you give what’s in your hand to someone who can never pay you back. There’s a feeling of satisfaction like you’ve never experienced in doing the Father’s will. There’s a joy unspeakable that comes from holding an orphan’s hand knowing you’ve just become their “blanc”.

Things you’ve done your whole life just don’t seem fulfilling anymore. It’s difficult to go back to your day to day life knowing that the things you do there have little to no eternal value. I’d rather be working in the Haitian heat doing something that matters for eternity than sitting in an air conditioned office trying to decide where I’m going to go for lunch. I can’t even wash a bug off my windshield without thinking how the people of Myan have to walk six miles for the drinkable water that I’m using on an insect. It’s not easy living a wrecked life, but it’s a fulfilled one.

A wrecked life is a fulfilled life. It’s one where we give all we have for all He wants. When we allow the scales of selfishness to fall off our eyes, we suddenly see that this life was never about us. It’s always been about helping others. It’s been about giving what you have. If you look closely at what God does, you’ll see He gives. I believe He expects us to do the same. He put in us a feeling of satisfaction that only comes from giving. That’s why Jesus said, “It’s more blessed to give than to receive.” When you give, you open yourself to being wrecked by God’s blessings.

God has placed in each one of us the desire to live a wrecked life. For some, that only comes from being on the ground in Haiti or some other part of the world as the hands and feet of Jesus. For some, it’s giving so that those who have that need can go and fulfill their mission. For others, it’s praying for those who go. They fight the unseen battle that rages over the orphan’s soul. Each of us have our lives wrecked when we fulfill our role in fulfilling James 1:27. When we each do our part, we’ll hear the Father say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Chris Hendrix has served with Coreluv for the past year. He writes daily devotionals at

Source: Coreluv Blog