In 2015, Pastor Jean and his wife (Directors of Emmanuel’s House of Hope in Gonaives, Haiti) learned of a little girl named Choudeline who was in desperate need of a loving home.

Choudeline was born in the Dominican Republic. Her mother would travel back and forth often between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, leaving Choudeline in an unstable household. Her mother learned of Pastor Jean’s church and shared with him that she was unable to properly care for Choudeline.

Pastor Jean and his family knew this was a desperate situation and there was no question that she needed to come to their orphanage where she could be loved and cared for as every child should be. This heart-breaking reality brought Choudeline to Emmanuel’s House of Hope, Coreluv’s partnering orphanage.

When she first came, she was very sick and malnourished. Today, Choudeline is a healthy eight-year-old girl who can be found playing and singing. Thank you for helping to provide for her six basics needs through your partnership with Emmanuel House of Hope!

Defending the Orphan goes beyond one day, one week, one month, even beyond one year. It is a daily call to care for and pray for these children. We could NOT do what we do without every one of our partners. It takes all of us together to make a difference in the lives of these children, like Choudeline, daily providing their six basic needs of clean water, proper food, healthcare, education, job skills and Christ-centered loving home. If you are not already an Orphan Care Partner, you can become one today. Visit our Orphan Care Partner Page to find out more. Thank you.

Source: Coreluv Blog