In May 2016, we received a call about a 15 month old baby boy name Jean Christian who was in desperate need of a home. 

His mother passed away due to HIV. His father is blind, unable to provide for even his most basic needs, and does not have a home to raise Jean Christian in. Because no one could properly care for him and keep him safe in a home, he was very vulnerable to malnourishment, disease, and abuse. This heartbreaking reality brought him to the Coreluv Children’s Village | Myan

Jean Christian would not smile and was not walking when he came to us in May. Now, you will find Jean Christian smiling, laughing, and running around with the older boys. 

Thanks to our Coreluv partners, Jean Christian will grow up in a safe and loving home! He   is growing up healthy and learning about the love of God!

Source: Coreluv Blog