In 2013, Pastor Jean and his wife, Jouseline, learned of a 4-year-old girl named Nadia who was in desperate need of a loving home. 

Nadia was born in the countryside four hours outside the city of Gonaives. She is the youngest of six children. Her parents were unable to provide even her most basic needs, and Nadia’s mother did not want to place her in a restavek situation- children entrapped in slave labor – where she would not have received an education. 

Because no one could properly care for her, she was very vulnerable to disease, abuse, and malnourishment. This heartbreaking reality brought her to the Emmanuel House of Hope | Gonaives orphanage where she would be loved and cared for by Pastor Jean, his wife and the staff of house moms. 

When she arrived at the orphanage, she had malaria and was very malnourished. Today, Nadia is healthy and loves art. She likes music and loves to draw. She says she wants to be a nurse when she grows up. We consider ourselves blessed that God has entrusted her into the shared care of Coreluv and Emmanuel House of Hope through the Orphan Care Partnership Program

Since Nadia and the rest of the 14 children housed at Emmanuel House of Hope have settled into their new home, we are now able to focus on helping meet some of the other needs of Emmanuel House of Hope. We encourage and challenge you, the Coreluv family, to pray for provision and resources to see these needs met. One of our greatest desires for any of our children is to see them live a happy and full childhood, as we are able to provide them their six basic needs.  

It is a shared burden of Coreluv and Emmanuel House of Hope to see the relationship deepen as we assist Pastor Jean and Jouseline in making the necessary improvements to increase their impact on the lives of the children God has entrusted to our care and also in the community in which we serve. 

Would you consider taking advantage of Orphan Care Partnership Program to better serve Nadia and the other children for whom we have the honor to provide care? Want to learn more about becoming a financial partner? Visit!

Source: Coreluv Blog