In 2013, Coreluv began to provide resources for a Saturday morning Bible club and feeding program in partnership with a local church in Maissade, Haiti. As the program grew, so did Coreluv’s involvement in Maissade. On one of our visits, we discovered something that changed our lives forever: 40 orphaned children at the Bible club were desperate for food! These babies were without shelter, without proper care, and without HOPE! Our hearts were pierced with the Father’s love, and we knew we had to defend these precious orphans.

Two of the children entrusted to Coreluv that day were Chinedayna and Dieuberson. Their parents abandoned them and left them with a distant relative. While the distant relative did her best to try and provide for Chinedayna and Dieuberson, their most basic needs were rarely met. Because no one could properly care for them, they were very vulnerable to disease, abuse, and malnourishment. This heartbreaking reality brought them to the Coreluv Children’s Village | Maissade. Dieuberson is 10 and Chinedayna is 7.

Today, they are receiving all of their basic needs in a healthy and loving environment! They have joined the Coreluv family, and we consider ourselves blessed that God has entrusted them into our care! It is with great joy that we have been able, with your help, to complete the construction of a house for them and our other children of Maissade, Haiti. With your help this May, you can join us in making this house their forever home.

How can you help us welcome Chinedayna and Dieuberson HOME?! Donations throughout the entire month of May will be MATCHED dollar for dollar! Help us welcome our 40 children of Maissade into their loving, Christ-centered home! We look forward to furnishing each room so that our children can live comfortably as they experience a FULL childhood! Want to learn more about May Match? Visit

Defend the Orphan,

Mike & Mandy

and The Coreluv Team

Source: Coreluv Blog