Sending children back to school in America has its financial challenges, but we parents make it happen one way or another.  What about the children in a third world country like Haiti who have no one to foot their bill? Over 50 percent of primary aged children in Haiti do not attend school for this reason. This is what drives Coreluv with a passion to provide a quality education to the children in our care.

We’d love to share Watson’s story with you!

Before we built the orphanage in Myan, our Coreluv team (missionaries and mission trippers) would show up month after month just to serve the people in the community and to show them the love of Jesus. It didn’t take long before we were extremely familiar with several of the children there. These were the kids who were the first to greet us every time we’d pull up in our white Coreluv trucks.  Watson was one of those kids! He was known even by the locals as one of the poorest children in Myan. More often than not, we’d find Watson running around with NOT ONE STITCH of clothing on, much less a pair of shoes on his feet.

Watson lived in a very small shack located close to where we would soon build the orphanage. Watson’s mother had died, which left him in his father’s care. Due to limited resources, his father had to make a choice, either send Watson to school or provide him with food. The choice was quite obvious; Watson had to receive life-giving food.

It is probably difficult for us to identify with Watson’s story. In America, we seem to always have a PLAN B. But for Watson, his life had no other plan. Unless something happened, he was NOT going to receive an education.

I’ll never forget the day our school in Myan was built and ready to be opened for the first time. Not only was Coreluv going to be able to educate the children in our orphanage, we were going to be able to educate the children from the surrounding village as well. For Watson and many others, this was LIFE CHANGING!

After supplying Watson with a brand new uniform plus the adequate school supplies he needed to attend school, we were SURPRISED when he did not show up on his first day! Jake, our missionary in Haiti, was beyond puzzled, so he quickly made his way over to Watson’s house. After Jake arrived, he spotted someone in the front yard. It was none other than Watson himself playing in the dirt as NAKED AS A JAY BIRD! After quizzing Watson’s father as to why Watson was not in school that morning, Jake found out that it was because he had NO SHOES to wear with his uniform. This was NOT OK with us!  We assured Watson’s father that it would be completely alright for Watson to attend school that day and that we’d soon provide him with a new pair of shoes for the following day. After he cleaned himself up a bit and put on his new uniform, there went Watson to school, bare feet and all!

Watson was seven years old when he first began his education with us. Although he is eight years old now and only in the 1st grade, Watson COULDN’T HOLD HIS HEAD ANY HIGHER with a new sense of self-worth that he is going to be SMART and able to READ just like the other kids!



Watson’s story is just one of MANY behind WHY we do what we do. September 2015 will mark the beginning of the second year for our Coreluv School. We are hoping to find 250 people who would be willing to give just 50 dollars so that all of our beautiful children in Haiti could experience a quality education this year. Please consider being one of those 250. Your 50 dollars will provide 2 uniforms, a pair of shoes and a backpack. I assure you, it is more blessed to give than to receive. (Acts 20:35)

Watson is living proof!




Source: Coreluv Blog