I rejoice over your promises like one who finds vast treasure. Psalm 119:162

David penned these passionate words after life’s disappointments subtly melted away all self-reliance. David faced more battles than I can count. So much so, that he may have been the first person ever to coin the phrase, “Driven to my knees in prayer!” 

If we were to study David’s life closely, we’d observe that at the end of it, he emerged even MORE reliant than before. But this time NOT on himself.  RELIANT only on a foundation that  





In examining David’s life, we learn this: 


Our emotions shatter,  

Our words erupt, 

Our will power over sin crumbles. 

No matter how STRONG we think we are, we are fragile at best if we are not leaning wholly on that secure foundation! 

Over time, David became someone who humbly expressed his dire need for God’s intervention daily. And he understood that a broken and contrite heart, God does not despise!  

David perfected the art of finding God inside the pages of His written Word. He discovered that they were not merely written words at all. They were sustaining breaths. Breaths of life, peace, and HOPE!  And with each breath of God’s word David inhaled, he arose VICTORIOUS AGAIN, and AGAIN!  

David treasured the Word of God as more valuable than anything else in this world and the deeper he looked into it, the more he uncovered the heartbeat within…    Jesus, The PRIZE!!! 

May we never lose sight of that treasure! 

What a precious time it was when Hena (Coreluv’s Director from India) stayed with us at our home in Texas. We tried our best to care for Hena as if we were caring for Jesus. I’ll never forget the day we bought her a brand new bible. Hers had fallen apart because it was the only one she had. She read it daily and took it with her in India almost everywhere she went. She especially loved reading it to the children at the feeding centers. We were so happy to be able to do that for her. But those old tattered pages were most beautiful to me!  In them was revealed the apparent treasure of Hena’s heart!  And no amount of new can replace that!  Here’s to tattered bibles and untattered lives!!  

Defend the Orphan, 

Mike and Mandy Reiszner 


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Source: Coreluv Blog