This past week I had the pleasure of traveling with my dad to Maissade to see for myself the children we began providing for in July of this year. I had seen in pictures and heard from Pastor CJ, a Haitian Coreluv representative to Maissade, how the children had been doing since my first visit, but I had yet to see with my own eyes.

Upon entry the kids were excited to see us, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear them actually remember me by name. The greatest blessing for me was to see them in a completely different state than they were in July. I saw the same faces, but healthier, fuller faces. I saw children running and playing, full of energy and laughter. I saw nannies who lovingly cared for the children and children who in return loved and respected their nannies. I walked into the same courtyard but beheld a much more beautiful site, lives full of hope.

Thanks to you, these children’s lives are being impacted and changed for the better. I’ve seen for myself that the Maissade committee has been faithful to steward what they have been given. The have not only stewarded the finances well but more importantly they are stewarding the lives of these children both physically and spiritually. Thank you for making a difference!

I would like to give you the chance to help respond to another need for these children. The past few months they have been borrowing mattresses from another ministry. We have been grateful to use them, but have come to learn that there aren’t enough mattresses for each child to have their own and also that the ministry who loaned them to us is in need of the mattresses again.

I have made a few calls and found that if each of our Maissade sponsors were to give an extra $20 this month, we could purchase the mattresses needed for our kids. If we were to do this, we would be able to provide each of them a clean new mattress for sleeping and it would be theirs for good.


We appreciate your sacrifice to provide for these children and I pray that God will bless you beyond the physical for all that you are doing. Please pray about helping us provide mattresses for these children and I look forward to sharing bigger and greater things with you in the future.


Source: Coreluv Blog